Mental Health, Welfare, and Wellbeing in Construction

Suirside construction Ltd are fully committed to our efforts to pursue a culture of positive Mental Health and Wellbeing within the Construction Industry.

Mental wellbeing describes the way we think and feel about ourselves and others, our confidence, and our ability to control things in our life. It goes beyond whether we experience mental health problems, and is not about whether or not we have a diagnosed mental illness. Mental health problems can range from the worries everyone experiences as part of every-day life to serious long-term conditions.

The majority of people who experience mental health problems recover or learn to manage them, especially when they get help early. Our mental, like our physical health, needs to be protected. By looking after our mental wellbeing – for example, through physical activity, and providing opportunities for relaxation and social activities – we can increase our resilience to cope with life’s difficulties and our ability to enjoy life.

It's okay not to be okay

It is important to remember that such activities cannot prevent or treat serious mental health problems, which require expert help and can have serious impacts over long periods of time. In these cases, people should be encouraged to seek help as early as possible. It is likely at some point that everyone will experience a strain on their mental health. For some this may be a mild and temporary experience of difficult mental health while for others there may be more severe or long-term conditions experienced.

We have a lot on our minds at the moment, as we adapt to life with Covid-19. Whatever the reason for poor mental health, the road to recovery starts when you decide to talk about your feelings inside. “It’s okay not to be okay.”