Pharmaceutical Facility Construction

Suirside Construction Ltd is well positioned to offer the Pharmaceutical Sector in Ireland the highest quality of workmanship on projects completed to international standards.

We have over a decade of experience working in Pharmaceutical Construction and all of our projects are carried out with Health & Safety at the forefront of our company ethos.

We are highly experienced at working in live pharmaceutical factories; keeping any disruption to a minimum in live working spaces and complying with strict Health & Safety requirements, both of the particular client and our own strict Health and Safety Policy.


eir-gen-pharma-construction Eir Gen Pharma, Waterford

New Pharma Facilities

With our demonstrated success in delivering projects that adhere to the highest industry standards, we fully comprehend the vital importance of constructing new pharmaceutical facilities with utmost precision and expertise. Our team recognises the critical importance of establishing optimal conditions, ensuring strict compliance with GMP guidelines, and seamlessly integrating vital systems.

We wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of meeting these requirements, offering a construction experience that is unrivalled in its dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail. You can trust us to bring our expertise to your new pharmaceutical facility, guaranteeing its successful construction and operational efficiency.

Working in live Pharma Facilities

We are committed to delivering exceptional results while minimising disruptions to your live Pharma facility. Each facility brings unique requirements, and at Suirside Construction, we adopt a safety first approach while focusing on minimising disruptions throughout all stages of the project. Delivering exceptional quality within the desired timelines is paramount to project success. This is often achieved through communication, transparency and the necessity to reach a common goal.

We have recently conducted comprehensive construction works at the Teva Pharma plant, covering both internal and external areas of the facility. Our project scope also included the company’s office space, plant rooms, and building rooftops. Such projects require specialised expertise, strict adherence to regulatory compliance, rigorous quality assurance, and timely completion.

teva-pharma-renovations Teva Pharma, Waterfod
pharma-plant Eir Gen Pharma, Waterford

Types of Pharma Environments

With a wealth of experience in pharma construction, we have successfully executed projects in diverse environments such as clean rooms, labs, manufacturing suites, packaging facilities, and other specialised environments.

We consistently deliver projects that meet industry standards, ensuring optimal conditions, compliance with GMP guidelines, and seamless integration of essential systems.

Our Latest Pharmaceutical Construction Projects

EirGen Pharma
Teva Pharmaceuticals
Bausch + Lomb
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