Edina CHP Plant

We are delighted to announce that work recently commenced in on the new CHP 2 Building in Bausch & Lomb, Waterford early last week.

Suirside Construction LTD have being awarded the CSA Package which will include the sub-structure & superstructure of the building.  The project scheme is to provide 1 x TCG 2032 V12 MWM CHP fuelled by natural gas, contained within a steel-constructed building, including SCR exhaust system, HRSG steam boiler + other M&E ancillary items.

With its cogeneration plant equipped with the powerful MWM TCH 2032 V12 genset, Bausch + Lomb covers 65 percent of its electricity needs and 91 percent of its heat needs and cuts annual operating costs by up to €1 Million.

We would like to wish our site team and sub-contractors all the best on this new project.