Suirside Construction Ltd

Health & Safety Policy

At Suirside Construction Ltd, Health & Safety is paramount to everything that we do. We are very proud of our safety record which has been maintained despite working in many different environments and locations. This is because of our commitment to ensuring the safest workplace for our employees and those working on our sites.

Due to the hard work by our Health & Safety team, prioritising workers, we have not had any serious incidents or accidents on our building sites. Our safety record is important to us and we are delighted that the system which we implement on our sites is robust and creates a safe working environment.

Prioritising Safety

Our Health & Safety measures are continually reviewed, adapted and updated to ensure that we are at the forefront of any improved systems for protecting those working on our building sites.

Suirside Construction Ltd ensures that our employees receive relevant training and experience to continue to prioritise safety on all of our projects.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Suirside Construction Ltd have implemented safety recommendations relating to hand hygiene, physical distancing, PPE and all other operating procedures in order to ensure the safety of our staff.

View our Health & Safety Policy here.

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